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Skills Center

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Since 2008 Precious Hands has worked closely with Guatemalan artisans, helping them design, develop, and produce their handicrafts for the GIFT industry in the US, Europe and Asia. World-wide sales, marketing and distribution of the Artisan's Handicrafts has been accomplished through Precious Hands' offices in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2011, based on interest shown by the FASHION industry in its products, Precious Hands began training artisans skills necessary to create products for the FASHION industry.

In 2012, with a grant from an Anonymous Angel, a SKILLS CENTER was established to train artisans to design, develop and produce High Quality products for the FASHION industry.

The SKILLS CENTER supports Precious Hands’ Mission to improve the lives of artisans. By training artisans to produce high quality products they will be able to charge higher prices for their hard work. Better quality products and better prices will improve the Artisans' pride, dignity and economic well-being. This, in turn, will help them break the cycle of poverty and create a better future for their children.

Give them a fish and you'll feed them for a day (Charity)
Teach them to fish and they'll feed themselves (Skills Center)
Buy their fish for fair prices and you'll give them dignity and the chance to break the cycle of poverty forever (Precious Hands)


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