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La Voz del Exterior Scholarships

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Scholarships to Study Abroad

Having had the opportunity to study abroad, outside his native USA, Dr. Barker recognized the tremendous value of this experience and wanted to make it available to others. In 1991 he formed a non-profit organization, La Voz del Exterior, whose mission focused on providing educational opportunities abroad.

He contacted 350 graduates from his alma mater, the National University of Cordoba, who were practicing medicine outside Argentina and invited them to join him. Together they funded a scholarship program that enabled Argentine medical students to study abroad.  


Since its' inception the La Voz del Exterior has funded/hosted 12 Argentine medical students/graduates who have spent 3 months to 3 years living and working in US Universities and hospitals. The program has also made it possible for 5 US medical students to do clinical rotations in Argentina and Brazil.

Through this scholarship program young medical students have been able to experience their profession through very different eyes.