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Education: Electrical Stimulation

A novel tool in regenerative medicine?

Bioelectricity: Electrical phenomena in living organisms

One might think of electricity and life as two separate phenomena that do not coexist in harmony. When one imagines being hit by lightning or getting electrocuted – injury or discomfort come to mind, not normal everyday life-as-usual! In fact, bioelectricity, like water or sunlight is an essential part of all living things. Cells use bioelectricity as signals to regulate and maintain normal functions essential to their survival like division, migration, differentiation, growth, repair and death.
Examples of normal bioelectrical function in nature include some types of fish like the...

Movement Analysis Lab

The Movement Analysis Lab is located in Frankfurt University’s Orthopedic Hospital Friedrichsheim gGmbH and provides an ideal facility for performing clinical research.

Human movement analysis

Human movement analysis begins by designating different parts of the body into separate segments. Each segment is defined by retroreflective markers placed on standardized locations on the study subject’s body (Development of a computerized body model, Figure 1) and calculations of joint angles are expressed using kinematic graphs (Figure 2).

How it works

Ground reaction forces are measured by force plates integrated in the walkway. The corresponding joint moments are calculated by an inverse...