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Precious Hands

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Give them a fish and you'll feed them for a day (Charity)
Teach them to fish and they'll feed themselves (Skills Center)
Buy their fish for fair prices and you'll give them dignity and the chance to break the cycle of poverty forever (Precious Hands)

Over the years, as a volunteer on medical missions, Dr Barker came to love and respect the kind, gentle and friendly people of Guatemala. Paradoxically, after each medical mission, instead of feeling content and fulfilled for having helped treat 40-50 sick children, instead he was always left feeling he could have done more, thinking instead of the 300 children that had to be turn away and could not be treated.

So, when he met Yolanda Zuleta in 2007 and together they decided to partner to start Precious Hands or Manos Preciosas in Guatemala, he thought that maybe this might be a way to provide a different kind of help, help that would be more meaningful, last longer and impact more people.

Manos Preciosas works closely with local artisans in Guatemala, in all stages of design, creation, and production of their handmade handicrafts. In its US and European offices, Manos Preciosas markets, sells and distributes these products to worldwide markets. Since its beginning the company has established a network of more than 150 Guatemalan Artisans and more than 100 Customers worldwide.

By helping children’s mothers and fathers grow and improve their businesses, Precious Hands gives these families dignity, dignity that comes from working hard and making an honest living. With the money they earn they improve their homes, eat better food and send their children to school. These changes are helping to make long lasting and meaningful improvements in the lives of many Guatemalan families, their communities and their future.

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