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Dr. Barker has been passionate about polo from a very early age. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California next to the polo fields made sure of that! In Santa Barbara he rode horses a great deal but did not start playing polo regularly until he moved to Argentina to study medicine.

In Argentina as a medical student he began to learn the sport in ernest and was lucky to have had many great teachers and role models. After his studies in Argentina, Dr. Barker settled in Louisville, Kentucky in the USA where he joined the Louisville Polo Club and played regularly for many years.

In 2008 together with a close Argentine friend and high goal polo player, Dr. Barker purchased land in Ascochinga, in the hills near Cordoba where many years before he learned to play polo. Ascochinga, is a well kept secret for polo enthusiasts who in the Argentine summer enjoy "asados" (Argentine Barbecue) gathering with friends and family and playing polo at local farms and the many polo clubs (,,,

Together with his Argentine friend/polo player, Dr. Barker is developing their land in Ascochinga to raise and train polo horses, AND play a little polo on the side!

In 2010 Dr. Barker moved to Frankfurt, Germany where he joined the Hessischer Poloclub Luisenlust polo club near Frankfurt and plays on weekends whenever possible. 

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