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PLACET’s mission is “to help alleviate suffering and restore human dignity to victims of terror, war, torture, land mines and ethnic cleansing by providing them with the latest Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery treatments.”

The brainchild of Prof Dr. Frank Peter, PLACET was founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany as a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. Today the organization has grown, with volunteer members, sponsors and sister organizations around the world, all donating their time, surgical expertise and organizational skills to fulfilling its mission.


PLACET identifies victims of terror, usually children, whose injuries do not permit them to be treated in their home countries. Once a patient is selected, PLACET works with its sister organizations in the home country arranging for transportation to Berlin.

Treatment, often multiple surgeries, and rehabilitation is provided by PLACET volunteer health care providers and institutions in Berlin.  To assure the best possible care and comfort for the patient s/he stays with his/her accompanying family member in an apartment located near the hospital and provided by PLACET for his/her entire stay in Berlin.

After treatment and rehabilitation (often 1 year) the patient returns home and his/her follow-up care is continued by PLACET’s in-country sister organizations.

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