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Who we are - Mission and Vision

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Hand Transplantation
Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative Medicine
Face Transplantation

Our Mission

Apply the tools and know-how of medical science, clinical practice and industry to discover and develop better treatments for patients suffering with amputated limbs and facial disfigurement.

Our Vision

Harness the body’s natural regenerative ability to regrow amputated hands and facial tissue.

Who we are

The Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative Medicine (FIRM) was established in 2010 through a partnership between the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, the Friedrichsheim Foundation and the Friedrichsheim Orthopedic Hospital, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. As part of the partnership the University contributed an endowed professorship position and ongoing funding support, the Foundation contributed startup and ongoing funding support and the Hospital contributed the newly remodeled facilities where FIRM’s laboratories are housed.

Professor Dr. John H. Barker was appointed as the founding Director of FIRM and as such he established the Initiative's mission and vision to apply regenerative medicine and tissue engineering technologies to the fields of Orthopedic, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery. Prior to his appointment in Frankfurt, Professor Barker was the founding Director of the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratories at the University of Louisville, the founding CEO of MetaCyte Business Labs and the Scientific Director of the Jewish Hospital Foundation in Louisville, USA. In those roles he led several research and development efforts that transferred basic science research from the laboratory to pioneering clinical treatments. One such effort led to human hand and facial tissue transplantation. In Frankfurt Professor Dr. Barker’s research focuses on the same patients -hand amputees and facially disfigured, however, instead of transplantation his research focuses on regrowing hands and facial tissue.