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Las Lajitas Hospital

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Medical equipment and supplies for Las Lajitas Hospital in Salta, Argentina

Las Lajitas Hospital is the main primary hospital for the town of Las Lajitas in Salta, Argentina. The hospital serves a population of approximately 13,000, providing both outpatient and inpatient services, with 14 inpatient and 6 maternity beds, a staff of 7 primary care physicians, 23 nurses, 18 social workers and 3 administrators.

In 2008 while visiting the hospital a local landowner offered the Hospital’s Director help to better equip the hospital. The landowner contacted Dr. Barker in the US and recruited his assistance to help in this effort.

Working closely with the hospital’s Director a list of equipment and supplies needed by the hospital was generated and the search began in the US.  Over a period of several months a complete X-Ray System and an Ultrasound Unit Setup that could be serviced and if/when needed repaired were identified and purchased in the US and made ready to ship to Salta. In addition, enough medical equipment and supplies to fill a 40-foot container were solicited as donations from local Louisville hospitals, clinics and the organization, Supplies Overseas. With help from many volunteers the container was carefully packed in Louisville, trucked to the nearest sea port, shipped to Buenos Aires, cleared through Argentine customs and trucked to Las Lajitas in Salta were it was installed in the hospital.

New X-Ray-Equipment
Replacing the Ultrasound Unit Setup