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Kids & Medical Science

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Kids & Medical Science is a program designed to get children excited about medical science by letting them experience it first hand.

Children by their very nature are curious and have rich imaginations. By planting a seed of interest in science early in their education, Kids & Medical Science hopes that children will seek out knowledge to feed their curiosity and fuel their imaginations. This program is based on the principal that children learn science better by experiencing it first hand in a real world setting.


Small groups of children (ages 7-12) meet with scientists, physicians, healthcare staff and medical students at the medical center where they discuss and experience how research leads to the  discovery of new treatments and how patients are cared for.

Little doctors caring for little patients

In addition to these hands-on experiences at the medical center Dr. Barker and his University students visit class rooms at local elementary and high schools to discuss and demonstrate how the art and science of medicine are practiced in the real world.

After experiencing Kids & Medical Science the children, their teachers and their parents all agree that this “hands-on” experience piques the children's interest in medical science and encourages them to learn more about science and technology.