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Hand Regeneration

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Hand Regeneration is the complete restoration of form and function of a hand or hands.

Purpose of our Research

To develop new and better treatments for patients suffering with limb amputation.

Our Research Focus

To discover and develop new regenerative medicine methods to regrow amputated human limbs.

In spite of the regenerative capabilities of some tissues, adult mammals (humans, rats, mice) do not regenerate their limbs. Instead the stump of an amputated limb heals and scars.  Unlike humans, some amphibians, like salamanders, maintain the capability to regrow amputated limbs. Rather than scaring the stump of an amputated salamander limb forms a blastema which in turn develops into a new limb.

In our laboratories at FIRM, we are applying several different recently developed tools and methodologies in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to study blastema formation and limb regeneration. From these studies we hope to derive practical and applicable methods for re-growing amputated mammalian limbs.