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Friedrichsheim Foundation

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Friedrichsheim Foundation was founded in 1974 by Dr. Ernst Gerhardt with the mission of supporting the Friedrichsheim Hospital and preserving its rich history of caring for patients suffering with orthopedic ailments.

In keeping with that mission, in 2010 the Foundation funded an endowed professorship position at the Johan Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, committed to ongoing longterm support and provided startup funding to establish an internationally renowned research facility at the Friedrichsheim Hospital - the Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. h.c. Ernst Gerhardt

Dr. Ernst Gerhardt was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1921 where he lived his entire life, except during the war.  Upon completing his schooling he was hired at the international firm BRAUN AG where in a long successful career he held several positions and retired as an executive in 1977.

From 1978 to 1989 Dr. Gerhardt served as Director of Finance for Social Affairs and Healthcare for the city of Frankfurt. In that capacity, he was the Board Chairman of the Friedrichsheim Orthopedic Hospital for many years.
When the Friedrichsheim Hospital merged with, and became part of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Hospital System Dr. Gerhardt retired from the Hospital’s board and assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of the Friedrichsheim Foundation, which he holds today.

For his many years of service to the city of Frankfurt and its University, in 1984 Dr. Gerhard was honored with the title of Honorary Senator of Frankfurt University. In 2003 he was awarded an honorary degree of Dr. of Philosophy at the University of Tel Aviv.