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Dr. Barker has deep roots in Argentina. His mother is Argentine and while he spent most of his early childhood in the US, as a young adult he moved to Cordoba, Argentina where for 6 years he studied medicine and received his medical degree at the National University of Cordoba. After his studies he left Argentina but has stayed very much in contact through a variety of different projects related to teaching, research, and philanthropy and business with the many life-long friends he made while living there.

Some examples of these projects include, La Voz del Exterior, a scholarship exchange program he established with other University of Cordoba alumni that provides opportunities for Argentine, and US medical students to visit and work in each others' countries. Another program consists of donations of medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Argentina.

For his work “giving back” to Argentina, in 1999 Dr. Barker was honored by his alma mater, the National University of Cordoba with a “Honoris Causas” Professorship.  At the time, he was one of only three US citizens to have received this prestigious award. The other two were Dr Stanley Crawford, one of the fathers of modern cardiac surgery and Adlai Stevenson, US Ambassador to the United Nations and 2-time US Presidential candidate.  

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