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Birthing Bed and Incubator

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Birthing bed

Las Lajitas Hospital, Argentina

Las Lajitas Hospital, the main public hospital in Las Lajitas, Salta, Argentina serves a population of approximately 13,000 inhabitants, providing both outpatient and inpatient services, with 14 inpatient and 6 maternity beds, a staff of 7 primary care physicians, 23 nurses, 18 social workers and 3 administrators.

In 2012 the Director of Las Lajitas Hospital approached a local landowner and asked for his assistance obtaining urgently needed medical equipment, a birthing bed and a portable incubator, for the hospital. The landowner contacted Dr. Barker in Frankfurt, Germany and recruited his assistance to help in this effort.

Working closely with the hospital’s Director, the type of equipment needed and the specifications for optimal use in Las Lajitas the hospital were determined and the search began in the US.  Over a period of several months, working with volunteers in the US and in Argentina Dr Barker identified and purchased the equipment in the US and made arrangements to have it transported to the hospital in Las Lajitas.