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School Presentations

Kids are the future of medical science. Taking advantage of their natural curiosity and desire to learn Dr. Barker and his university students volunteer at local elementary and high schools giving presentations about their research to get kids excited about medical science.
When asked why he volunteers teaching school children Dr. Barker answers; He goes on to say


Dr. Barker, co-founded Neuronetrix, Inc. in 2002 and continues to serve as the company's Board Chairman.
Neuronetrix is a medical device company developing a neurodiagnostic technology (COGNISION System) for physicians and scientists to identify and evaluate Alzheimer's disease, ADHD, and other cognitive disorders in an easy and noninvasive way.
The COGNISION™ System is currently being used in academic, clinical, and pharmaceutical studies around the world for a broad range of neurological disorders.
For further information about Neuronetrix please click here.

Frankfurt Microsurgery Teaching Course

The Frankfurt Microsurgery Teaching Course is a five-day course held at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Clinic, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  The purpose of the course is “to lay the foundations of the principal skills that make up good microsurgical technique”. The course provides intensive hands-on instruction and the skills it teaches are applicable in several clinical fields of reconstructive surgery and experimental surgery in animals.
Dr. Barker has worked closely with the course Director/Instructor; Dr. Gustavo Perez-Abadia and its Clinical Co-Directors; Professors Johannes Frank, Michael Sauerbier and Ingo Marzi to transplant this course from Louisville,...

Exomedicine Institute

Exomedicine Institute is an independent, non-profit R&D enterprise whose mission is to acquire a better understanding of the influences of microgravity on the dynamics of living systems, and to rigorously apply these insights to the advancement of current medical solutions. Dr. Barker serves on the advisory board of the Exomedicine Institute. His interest in the mission of the Institute stems from his deep-rooted belief that the answers to the questions he asks in his research lie hidden within our organism and in the environment that surrounds us.   
The delicate equilibrium that the cells in our organism have achieved throughout evolution has been largely in...

Kids & Medical Science

Kids & Medical Science is a program designed to get children excited about medical science by letting them experience it first hand.
Children by their very nature are curious and have rich imaginations. By planting a seed of interest in science early in their education, Kids & Medical Science hopes that children will seek out knowledge to feed their curiosity and fuel their imaginations. This program is based on the principal that children learn science better by experiencing it first hand in a real world setting.


Small groups of children (ages 7-12) meet with scientists, physicians, healthcare staff and medical students at the medical center where they discuss and experience how research leads to the...